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China Wok – Best Chinese Food Delivery & Carryout in Roanoke VA

china wok

China Wok
4821 Williamson Road NW
Roanoke, VA 24012

If you have not tried China Wok in Roanoke VA – You are missing out on one of Roanoke’s best chinese food options. Dine in if you want but they specialize in fast Carryout or delivery. They stay very busy but have a pretty quick turnaround time on orders. Call your order in and it will usually be ready within 20 minutes. Delivery time is standard 45 min-1hr. The food is NOM NOM! Really good dumplings, rice, fresh veggies, and all made to order.

At a first glance it may look like a “dive” but this place is clean, safe, delicious, and very GOOD! Check them out.

Here is China Woks Menu – Click to enlarge! 


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Fetch Roanoke Food Delivery Service

Have you used Fetch – Roanoke Restaurant Delivery Service?


Here is what Fetch says on their website: “Fetch is a locally owned and operated company right in the heart of downtown Roanoke. We were founded with the busy person in mind and we know time is an American’s most important asset. Everyone understands how hectic life can get and at Fetch we understand that sometimes you can’t be everywhere at once. We are here to provide Roanoke & the surrounding areas with quality delivery service. We are your helping hand.”

Phone Fetch: Phone: (540) 682-5929
Their Website: 

From seafood, chinese, mexican, pizza, subs, burgers, salads, almost any type of food you can imagine can be delivered to your home or officer here in Roanoke VA by calling Fetch – I have not used the service myself, however I see their delivery drivers (usually younger college student aged people in pretty nice cars with a “hipster vibe”) out and about on the roads delivering tasty food around town. Im sure they do a great Job! Years ago there was a company called “Gourmet To Go” and even more retro there was MUNCH BUGGIES in Roanoke VA – Now there is Fetch! – Fetch was created and is owned and operated by Jonathan Williams of Roanoke – Jonathan has a passion for business and strives for the best in all he does. I have a feeling Fetch will last for many years to come. Do I smell a franchise in the making???

Have you used FETCH? Leave a comment and tell everyone what you think about Fetch!  

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