Roanoke VA Flea Market

Happy’s Flea Market is Virginia’s largest indoor and outdoor flea market and is located in Roanoke VA on Williamson Rd.


Address: 5411 Williamson Rd NW, Roanoke, VA 24012
Phone: (540) 563-4473

This Roanoke VA flea market boasts one hundred indoor spaces and over six hundred outdoor spaces. Happy’s Flea Market is open Tuesday thru Sunday and attracts hundreds of dealers selling new and used household and personal merchandise. Vendors sell inside and out during the week. On Monday the inside is closed but you will still find dozens of vendors selling outside the market on Monday. Each weekday morning vendors are set-up outside. On weekends you will find over one hundred vendors outside and inside.

Come inside Tuesday-Sunday and check out the game room and vendors. You will find collectibles, jewelry, antiques, vintage toys, and more inside Happy’s.There is something for everyone. Happy’s is a family friendly safe shopping environment. Have something to sell? Come to Happy’s, vendors inside are always buying new and used items including Jewelry, Scrap Gold & Silver, Antiques, Collectibles, Knives, Watches, Toys, and more.

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Family Pawn Salem VA

Family Pawn‎ – Roanoke VA Pawn Shop – Salem VA Pawn Shop
Address: 231 West 4th Street – Salem, VA 24153‎
Phone: (540) 389-9177

Family Pawn is Located in Salem VA. We have been serving the Roanoke & Salem area for several years. Family Pawn buys, sells, and loans money on almost anything of value. We buy/sell Gold, Guns, Jewelry, Instruments, Electronics, Game Consoles, Games, Diamonds, Tools and More!

The next time you are looking for a fast low rate loan on your valuables or you are looking for a bargain on a particular item, stop by Family Pawn in Salem VA.

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Cash Converters Roanoke

Cash Converters Roanoke VA Overview & Review:

Cash Converters in Roanoke VA is located on Williamson Rd and they buy and sell just about anyting of value, excluding antiques as far as I can tell. They have one door for sellers and a showrooom for buyers. They are basically a Pawn Shop that doesnt loan money, they simply buy your stuff. They do offer lowball offers on your items based off of my research. As far as selling prices they seem a little inflated on pricing but the do negotiate on pricing if you ask.

One thing that turned me off there was and is the manners of the staff and how unfriendly they are. In my opinion Cash Converters in Roanoke VA treats every patron like a “Hard Up For Cash” seller, even the buyers?! In other words they seem to look down on their customers a little.

When I went in to possibly purchase something I was told not to touch an item that I was actually prepared to buy. The “manager” was very rude and unhelpful. So if you want to sell something fast they will buy it, if you wantto buy something you might be better off going to walmart for the same electronics or a used music store for music instaments.

I give cash converters 3 out of 5 stars since they do offer a valuable service to those in need of fast cash.

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