Roanoke Vintage Toys Comics and Antique Buyer

Roanoke VA Vintage Toy Buyers

Vintage toys and comics buyer in Roanoke VA – We buy all sorts of vintage and antique items – Call us for houses full of junk or treasure! We can find value in almost any house full of stuff.

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Roanoke VA Junk Removal Antique Buyer

junk estate buyer removal roanoke

TheJunkVan in Roanoke is always ready to come to your location and buy old vintage items. We buy and remove old items by the box, by the room, by the item or we will buy everything in your house (contents) junk and vintage items:

  • Vintage Toys / Older toys from the 1980’s or older
  • Old RailRoad Items – Lanterns, Locks, Signs, Papers, Magazines, Booklets & More
  • Old military Items – Medals, Helmets, Papers, Mail, Postcards, Photos, Knives, Swords, Patches, Dog Tags and more. WW1 – WW2 – KOREAN War – And more!
  •  Advertising Items – Old metal signs, Jars, Displays, Tins, Bottles, and more.
  • Coins – We buy entire coin collections – Silver coins and more. 18 years dealing coins.
  • Collections – Collectibles
  • Metal Toys – Belt Buckles – trinkets
  • Old Soda Bottles – Old Sod Cans – Soda & Drink Advertising Items
  • Old Clocks – Old Radios – Old Electronics – Old Lamps
  • Old Photos, Postcards, Old Documents, old Business Cards, Political Campaigns
  • Jewelry – Silver, Gold, Costume, Old & New we buy all sorts of jewelry mens & womens
  • Vintage Items and Antique Items Of All Kinds!
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Roanoke VA Coin Shops

Roanoke Coin Shop and Roanoke VA Coin Shops are a few and far between. If you are looking to buy coins there are a few retail coin shops in the Roanoke area that you can choose from. Chances are if you are a coin collector you already have a shop you deal with on a regular basis in the area or online. As there are only 2 or 3 mentionable coin shops that you can choose from we thought we would cover the issue of where to sell your coins locally in Roanoke VA and which coin guys in the area are a best match for your needs.

Sell Your Coins In Roanoke VA – Call: 540-632-1755

Selling your coin collection might be frustrating because you may have paid high retail for you coins or purchased silver coins when silver was high and going for nearly $35-$40 per ounce and at the time of this article silver is only worth $19.00 an ounce and remember most silver coins only contain 35%-90% silver content. So, if silver is worth $20.00 per an ounce on the market – your 90% silver coin is only worth $18 in silver content and a dealer may only pay $15-$17 for that coin. You might have paid $50.00 for your coin and because silver dropped you will be taking a loss.

When you go to sell a common Morgan Dollar or American Eagle Silver Coin you may only get 80% of the silver value in that coin. Some dealers may pay more or less depending on the condition and grade of the coin. Generally most coin buyers pay about the same give or take a $1 on silver dollar coins. Most dealers buy common coins at silver value not coin collectability value. If you have a rare silver dollar like a CC (Carson City) or key date coin you will obviously get more. Remember coin buyers and coin dealers buy coins to make a PROFIT on them and resell them, so you will never get what your coin is “Really Worth”.


You will hear a lot of coin dealer terminology around coin collectors, coin shows, and coin shops. Below we will cover some of these terms.

Glossary of Common Coin Collecting Terms


Adjustment Marks
File marks made on the planchet to correct its weight.

A mixture of more than one metal, e.g. the Sacagawea and Presidential Dollars are comprised of an alloy of .770 copper, .120 zinc, .070 manganese and .040 nickel.

American Eagle
Silver, gold and platinum bullion coins released by the US Mint starting in 1986.  The mint produces an investor version and two versions for the collector, a proof and uncirculated in special packaging.

American Numismatic Association is the largest nonprofit numismatic organization in the country.

About Uncirculated refers to the coins condition or grade.


Bag Marks
Refers to small scratches and nicks caused by contact with other coins.

Blue Book
Nickname given to the annual price guide “Handbook of United States Coins”, which has a blue cover.  The books gives wholesale prices of what dealers might pay to other dealers for US coins.

Blue Ikes
Refers to mint state Eisenhower dollars composed of 40% silver and issued by the US Mint between 1971-1974, in blue envelopes.

Bourse/Bourse Floor
The area at a coin show or convention where dealers setup tables to display, buy and sell coins.

Brown Ikes
Refers to proof Eisenhower dollars composed of 40% silver and issued by the US Mint between 1971-1974, in a brown box.

Brilliant Uncirculated refers to the coins condition or grade

Bullion/Bullion Coin
A coin (American Eagle) or other object (bars, ingots, etc…) consisting primarily of a precious metal, e.g. silver, gold, platinum

Business Strike
A coin minted for general circulation.


Cameo/Deep Cameo
Used to describe a Proof or Proof-Like coin in which the devices (like Washington’s portrait on a state quarter) are frosted and the fields are mirrored and reflective.  Giving the coin almost a black & white appearance.

A coin that has been authenticated and graded by one of the major grading service, like PCGS or NGS.

Coins with obvious signs of wear due to being “circulated” in regular commerce.

Coins made from more than one layer of metal, e.g. quarters since 1965 have a pure copper core, with the outer layers copper-nickel (.750 copper, .250 nickel).

Contact Marks
Refers to small scratches and nicks caused by contact with other coins.

A coin that is extremely worn or damaged.

Deep Mirror Proof-Like (DMPL)
A description given to Morgan Dollars that have heavily frosted devices and mirrored fields, which result in a cameo appearance.

The principal raised element, such as Ms. Liberty on the obverse and the eagle on the reverse of the Walking Liberty half dollar.

Double Eagle
A US gold coin with a face value of $20.


A US gold coin with a face value of $10.

E Pluribus Unum
Latin for “Out of Many, One”.

EF or XF
Extremely Fine refers to the coins condition or grade.

Encapsulated Coin
A coin that has been sealed in a plastic holder by a third-party grading service.

A broad category on non-money numismatic items, including medals, tokens and badges.


The flat surface or background of a coin.

Refers to a soft plastic holder with two pouches.

FB/Full Bands
Refers to the fully separated and distinct cross bands on the reverse of a Mercury dime.

FBL/Full Bell Lines
Refers to the lower horizontal lines on the Liberty Bell, which is on the reverse of the Franklin half dollar.

FS/Full Steps
Refers to the steps of Monticello on the reverse of the Jefferson Nickel.  Six steps should be visible if the coin is fully stuck.

Florida United Numismatists and they host one of the nation’s largest coin conventions every January.


Grade or grading
A term used to determine the coins condition.


Key/Key Date
Refers to the scarcest coin in a series and carries a higher price. e.g. 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent


The brilliance or shine of coin and is considered to be one of the main factors in the coins value and grade.


A small letter(s) designating where the coin was produced.

C = Charlotte, NC (gold coins only; 1838-1861)
CC = Carson City, NV (1870-1893)
D = Dahlonega, GA (gold coins only; 1838-1861)
D = Denver, CO (1906 to date)
O = New Orleans, LA (1838-1909)
P or No Mintmark = Philadelphia, PA (1793 to date)
S = San Francisco, CA (1854 to date)
W = West Point, NY (1984 to date)

Mint Set
An Official set containing one uncirculated coin for each denomination made that year.

MS/Mint State
A term to describe a coin in the condition as it left the mint, also are uncirculated coins or BU.


Numismatic Guaranty Corporation is one of the major grading companies.

The study, art or collection of coins, medals, tokens and similar objects.

A person who is knowledgeable in the collecting of coins, medals, token and similar objects.


The front or heads of a coin.


A term used to describe the lighter shades of toning on a coin.

Professional Coin Grading Service is one of the major grading companies.

A specially produced coin made from highly polished planchets and dies and often struck more than once to accent the design.  Proof coins receive the highest quality strike possible and can be distinguished by their sharpness of detail and brilliant, mirror-like surface and sometimes cameo effect.

Proof Set
A complete set of proof coins for each denomination made that year and specially packaged.


Quarter Eagle
A $2.50 face value US gold coin.


Refers to a coin that has not been certified by a third party grading company.

Red Book
“A Guide Book of United States Coins”, the one with the red cover.  It’s a retail price guide, along with other valuable information.

The part of a coin’s design that is raised above the surface.

The back of the coin or tails.

The raised outer edge of the coin, that helps protect the design from wear.


A nickname referring to coins that have been graded by a third party service and placed in a plastic holder.

Special Mint Sets (SMS)
During the years of 1965-1967 the mint did not make proof sets, instead they issued mints sets with proof-like coins.  Then in 2005 the mint started making their mint sets with coins that have a satin-like finish to them, instead of using business strike uncirculated coins.

The act of impressing the image on to the planchet.  The quality of the strike is an important part of the grading process.


Coloring on the surface of a coin caused by a chemical reaction, such as sulfur from older cardboard books, flips or envelopes.  Rainbow-colored toning and original toning is often a desirable characteristic to many collectors.

Type Set
A collection of one coin for each denomination and/or a particular design.


Refers to a coin that has never been in circulation, has no wear, but may have bag marks and/or toning.


A comprehensive book on Morgan & Peace Dollars written by Van Allen and Mallis.  Their system gives reference numbers to particular die varieties.  There are clubs and collectors dedicated only VAM varieties.

Any coin that differs from another with the same date and mintmark.  Like the 1909 Lincoln Cents, some have the VDB and some do not.


Want List
A list given to a dealer from a collector listing coins the collector needs for a collection.

Severe polishing of a coin, generally with a wire brush or polishes, like silver polish for silverware.  This practice may make the coin look nicer at first, but it greatly lowers the value of the coin.

Women In Numismatics is a nonprofit organization.


Year Set
A collection of all coins for any given year.

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Charlottes Web Antiques In Salem VA

Charlotte’s Web Antique Mall is located in Salem VA and is one of the largest antique malls in the area with a very eclectic group of vendors and more than interesting inventory selection. You will find re-purposed items, crafty crafts, primitives,  vintage items, antiques, vintage toys, and more at Charlotte’s Web in Salem VA.

Location Tip: Ask for 10% off at the front counter and mention – This mall usually gives a discount on non sale items just for the asking!

Charlotte’s Web
27 West Main ST.
Salem VA 24153
Phone: 540-375-7229
No Known Website


We invite Charlotte’s Web Antique Mall to contact us to upgrade their listing.




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Roanoke VA Flea Market

Happy’s Flea Market is Virginia’s largest indoor and outdoor flea market and is located in Roanoke VA on Williamson Rd.


Address: 5411 Williamson Rd NW, Roanoke, VA 24012
Phone: (540) 563-4473

This Roanoke VA flea market boasts one hundred indoor spaces and over six hundred outdoor spaces. Happy’s Flea Market is open Tuesday thru Sunday and attracts hundreds of dealers selling new and used household and personal merchandise. Vendors sell inside and out during the week. On Monday the inside is closed but you will still find dozens of vendors selling outside the market on Monday. Each weekday morning vendors are set-up outside. On weekends you will find over one hundred vendors outside and inside.

Come inside Tuesday-Sunday and check out the game room and vendors. You will find collectibles, jewelry, antiques, vintage toys, and more inside Happy’s.There is something for everyone. Happy’s is a family friendly safe shopping environment. Have something to sell? Come to Happy’s, vendors inside are always buying new and used items including Jewelry, Scrap Gold & Silver, Antiques, Collectibles, Knives, Watches, Toys, and more.

Map To Location:

View Larger Map



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Roanoke VA Comics & Vintage Toys Anime

Looking for a cool store with great items like Vintage Toys, Sci-Fi Toys, Comics, Anime , and more? Here are a couple of great shops in Roanoke VA to check out:

Roanoke VA Toy stores and Vintage Toy in Roanoke VA are hard to find but there are a couple of great places to buy vintage toys and collectible toys in Roanoke. Below are the best places to buy, sell, or trade your vintage toys.

Frank’s Cool Stuff@ HAPPY’S FLEA MARKET
5411 Williamson Road
Roanoke, VA 24012

Open – Fri – Sat – Sunday
10AM – 4PM

Franks Cool Stuff stocks Comics, Japanese Anime, Non-Sports Trading Cards, Action Figures, Vintage Toys, Autographed Photos, and more. This is a great store to check out and find some unique items in Roanoke VA.

Frank’s is located at Happy’s Flea Market, ask the front office or any vendor on how to find franks store when you go in to Happy’s he is located in a double vendor space in a hallway on the left side of the market (Turn Left Down Hallway Once You Pass The Toy Museum On Your Left) FOR LOW PRICES and FRIENDLY service when you are buying or SELLING toys, comis and other toy related items check out Frank’s!

Vintage Toys and Antiques At Happy’s Flea Market In Roanoke VA

Vintage Cargo Antiques & Oddities
5411 Williamson Rd
Roanoke VA
Phone: 540-632-1755

Looking for antiques, collectibles, vintage toys, antique toys, oddities, and more! Well it is all at the Vintage Shop at Happy’s Flea Market. These guys have it all and they love to BUY TOYS and antique items. They pay TOP dollar for toys and your vintage items.

What is Vintage Cargo? We are a unique store located on Williamson Rd in Roanoke VA that sells Vintage Items, Antiques, Collectibles, Jewelry, and more! You never know what treasures you will find at our store. We are always buying and selling something interesting!
Our store is a one of a kind place that offers some of the most interesting inventory in the area. We are always on the hunt for interesting items to add to our inventory. If you like vintage decor, vintage items, unique items, antiques, jewelry, or you are looking to sell your items, come see us!

We buy, sell, and trade… Do you have old unique items, coins, jewelry, oddities, antiques, or anything of value that you need fast cash for? We may buy it! Why sell to pawn shops that offer you pennies on the dollar? We pay top prices for your items and antiques.

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Ricks Place Roanoke VA

Ricks Place On Williamson Rd Review:

Ricks place on Williamson Rd sells tires and mostly antiques and “Junk”. I noticed a lot of automotive related antiques and the rest was mostly average junk that you would find at the fleamarket. They have a very big shop/garage style floor plan with all types of treasures to dig through. The prices are a little high on some items but Rick (The Owner) when he is there, is willing to negotiate. As an antique shop this place is worth checking in to if you are in to mostly “Mantiques”.

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Vintage Cargo Antiques Roanoke VA

Vintage Cargo – Roanoke Antique Store

Address: 5411 Williamson Rd – Roanoke VA
Phone: 540-632-1755
Sells: Antiques – Collectibles – Vintage Items – and More!

Vintage Cargo is a local antique shop located on Williamson Rd in Roanoke VA. The store is full of unique items including Vintage Toys, Collectibles, Antiques, Vintage Items, and more. The shop is located inside Happy’s Flea Market.

Vintage Cargo buys and sells all sorts of vintage items, collectibles, and antiques. If you have items to sell or need your basement/attic or household contents liquidated, they can help.

The store is opened all week and the hours are fixed on Wed-Sunday and are a little sporadic on Mondays and Tuesdays. Generally they are open 10AM-5PM Tuesday-Sun.

Map to Location:

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