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Used Cars Roanoke is a family owned business that has been selling quality used vehicles in the Roanoke area for over 10 years. We value each and every customer that we have the pleasure of doing business with. We offer one of the most competitive Buy Here Pay Here options as well as other options to suit your purchase. We also offer warranty options available with every vehicle purchase. Don’t forget to ask about our great cash priced vehicles!! We hope your enjoy your visit with us during your online browsing. Contact our friendly staff if you do not see what you are exactly shopping for, we can get it. Thank you for learning more about us and we look forward to your business in the future!


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Roanoke Car Lots – Car Dealerships

Car Dealers & Car Lots In Roanoke VA

Roanoke Va Car Lots and car Dealerships are mainly located on “main streets” within Roanoke VA and Salem VA – Main Street in Salem has some car dealerships and “Roanoke’s Main Street” Williamson Rd has a lot of car lots and car dealerships.

You will also find new and used auto dealers on Brambleton Ave, Franklin Rd, and other locations around Roanoke VA.  Heavy traveled roads and streets in Roanoke, Salem, and Vinton are usually prime locations for car lots (for obvious reasons).

Car dealerships in Roanoke

When shopping for a new or used Car, Truck, or SUV in Roanoke Va and surrounding areas there are many factors to consider when you go looking for a dealership. Some of the main factors are honesty and integrity of the dealership (Reputation). Research the dealership online and see what others are saying about them. You could search the dealership or car lots name with the word “Review” behind it. Buying a new or used car in Roanoke is a big investment for you, so you need to be caution as to where you buy.

When buying a new or used car in Roanoke VA or anywhere you need to be prepared. Below are a few car buying tips that we want to share with you.

Decide on the right car for you. This may mean not getting what you want, but more what you require. Research the Consumers Reports Buying Guide or their online used car buying kit; also check out their free guide to used car buying. Remember that highly rated cars in Roanoke VA require premium prices. A lower rated car can be a jackpot if you can put up with a design fault or two.

  1. Mull over a model with less options or a different brand and model name. For instance, Lincoln is a luxury version of Mercury vehicle models. The Lincoln model will have more features and luxury items included. Various models have a deluxe trim package, which may include leather seats and an enhanced stereo system, among other additional features. If you are trying to save money, stay away from these items that have a higher price tag.
  2. Read up on the make and model you are considering. Peruse consumer reviews, compare Kelley Blue Book values, research resale values and conduct vehicle history reports with VIN numbers. If there are any particular issues or recalls with the model you’re looking at, you may avoid serious issues by doing your research ahead of time.
  1. Use an online calculator on our smart phone to figure out payments. Don’t dwell on price just yet; consider how long you will keep the car, what an affordable payment is for your budget and how much you can put down. Consider a brand new car, particularly if it has subvented financing (a manufacturer’s reduced financing rate). And strongly consider, if possible, buying absolute. The absence of monthly payments can have a magnificent outcome on your finances.
  1. Establish what you can pay. When you attempt to buy a used car in Roanoke VA, you need to think about what (if any) down payment you can make, how much you have for monthly payments, and how much insurance premiums are going to cost you on your Roanoke used car purchase. If your insurance is likely to double, you need to account this in so you’re not extending yourself by agreeing to a monthly payment that is too high.
  1. Set-up financing options. Banks in Roanoke VA are typically willing to offer financing on a used car. However, some banks in Roanoke decline to finance a used car that is six years old or older. If your bank will work with you on financing, this might be the smartest decision. Banks characteristically offer lower interest rates than car dealerships. But, don’t rule out the dealership financing just because your bank is willing to finance your used car purchase. By letting the dealership know the interest rate you have negotiated with the bank, you may get a lower offer from the dealership.
  1. Look for a used car for sale at Roanoke Car Dealerships, Independent Car Lots in Roanoke, in the Roanoke Craigslist classified ads and online by searching Roanoke Used Cars, Roanoke VA Cars For Sale, or Roanoke Car Lots.
  1. Ask Roanoke Car Dealers an assortment of questions. Get as much history as possible of the vehicle. You could also try to get the previous owners name and call them (A little pushy but if you are like me you want to know what you are buying). Run your own CarFax and Autocheck reports; dealers have been known to “misplace” the last sheet. Make certain to obtain the vehicle identification number (“VIN”) off of the car you are tending to check out with CarFax, Autocheck, or any other intermediary car history company; the VIN is usually found on the lower level end of the windshield, right above the dashboard on the driver’s side.
  1. Test Drive the car! Always! Try the car on diverse roads, and drive for at least 15 minutes. keep in mind you will be driving this car for a while, make sure your car or truck is designed for local roads in Roanoke VA – for example if you live on Bent Mountain in Roanoke VA you may want a car with AWD or 4WD.
  1. Drive it to listen for engine noise (Knocks and Bangs) , test acceleration levels and check the brakes. Listen for rattles or squeaks. Notice if the suspension seems even and provides an easy, comfortable ride. Look at the tires. Take a look at the engine underneath the hood. Check for leaks
  1. Research pricing – Use an independent source to establish the wholesale and retail values of your goal vehicle. The most commonly used sources for this are, DriverSide, Edmunds, Latest Cars and Kelly Blue Book Is the seller’s price very similar, or is there a mysterious dissimilarity in price?
  1. Negotiate. Always have an idea of what you want to pay for the vehicle before you start. Go in lower, and try to compromise at the point that is good for you. Never negotiate if you are not prepared to say yes there and then. It will lose you control/credibility over the dealer, when you are ready to buy. Negotiate the day you are ready to buy. You can tell the dealer you are shopping and will be back later to talk about finance.
  1. Always get all the paper work. V5, MOT, and service history. Insist on 2 sets of keys minimum.

Sometimes buying a car in Roanoke Va and in Salem VA can come down to a referral. Just because your friends purchased a car from a certain car dealer in Roanoke doesn’t mean there is not a better deal for you elsewhere. Most car lots and dealerships in Roanoke have been around for a long while and have a decent reputation. Get a feel for your car salesman and see if he seems honest, if you don’t trust him or like him ask for another sales agent. It is your money and you should be in control from start to finish.

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